Imagine – John Lennon

Imagine - John Lennon (Pablo Stanley Art)

I finally colored this comic 🙂
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  • This is NOT an anti-religion/atheist-propaganda comic. The comic and the song (at least as I understand it) tries to communicate that no matter your faith, we should all share the world in peace… As silly as that sounds.
  • Yes, MLK, Gandhi and Marley were spiritual people. Read point one 🙂
  • This is NOT an antisemitic comic. The Israeli soldier is breaking the cycle of war to play some football. Come on!
  • That is Anna Politkovskaya, an awesome Russian journalist, writer and activist.
  • Yes, John Lennon probably was a douche wife-beater, but still, “Imagine” transcends the unpleasant facts about its composer.

You can see the original comic in black and white + some colors here.

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300 thoughts on “Imagine – John Lennon”

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  2. I don’t know.. in the end don’t you sound just like the worst of them… angry conclusive statements, little proof.

  3. You falling for the arab bait only means they will use it more so please think carefully about whether it is worth it.

  4. >That is the meaning of the word imagine

    Agreed. But, unfortunately, English is not my native language, so I probably had chosen another meaning of this word.

    Politkovskaya’s way of mind was incomprehensible for me. Speak out for democracy and freedom and protect ISIS at the same time – how could it be?

  5. I am not certain what engendered your response to me, but it seems like a seriously over-reaction. Peace.

  6. God is good. We’re just supposed to imagine him not existing and not inadvertently causing wars

  7. Me too, or else you are the dumbest human being or being otherwise on the face of this earth. If you serious, you should just go bury yourself for the good of humanity

  8. I don’t think that’s offensive because the Isreali soldier is not portrayed as bad here. NOTHING TO KILL OR DIE FO! He realizes that because the world is peaceful, he doesn’t need to fight anymore and breaks his gun. The lady, at first, does not like him, because, at first, he is a fighter and she wants peace like you said. Someone explain how that’s bad, please.

  9. It’s not communist. It just points out that possessions cause wars and that wouldn’t it be nice if no one had any? Not that you should give everything away!

  10. It’s just happy! It’s spreads a message of peace and you jump on it and tear it up like a wild animal!

  11. The song isn’t atheist. It’s saying that religion = war, no religion = no war, but he’s NOT saying no religion = good and we should

  12. They were dreamers! You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. Now how about you stop dreaming and actually read the words…

  13. The people who don’t believe will eventually. They’ll be taking a one way vacation! Bring your tanning lotion!

  14. I don’t think that’s offensive because the Isreali soldier is not portrayed as bad here. NOTHING TO KILL OR DIE FO! He realizes that because the world is peaceful, he doesn’t need to fight anymore and breaks his gun. The lady, at first, does not like him, because, at first, he is a fighter and she wants peace like you said. Someone explain how that’s bad, please.

  15. She was a dreamer. Duh. And PS, it hypothetical, not practical. That is the meaning of the word imagine

  16. That is Anna Politkovskaya, an awesome Russian journalist, writer and activist. It’s right below the comic

  17. If you like the song, and you want to constantly be reminded of it to go out and make it real, wouldn’t a poster be the best?

  18. Are you suggesting a person being threatened at gunpoint will simply FROWN? He’s not threatening her, or she’d run!

  19. It’s hypothetical. IMAGINE a world where those things don’t happen and you’ll have peace. That’s the one point here! Geez!

  20. Where did “Imagine no body fighting anyone” become “Isreali’s suck”? You people have to criticize EVERYTHING, don’t you?

  21. I don’t think that’s offensive because the Isreali soldier is not portrayed as bad here. NOTHING TO KILL OR DIE FOR! He realizes that because the world is peaceful, he doesn’t need to fight anymore and breaks his gun. The lady, at first, does not like him, because, at first, he is a fighter and she wants peace. Someone explain how that’s bad, please.

  22. THIS IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE PRACTICAL! IT’S A BIG IF!!! IF YOU LOOK AT THE NAME OF THE SONG, IT’S “IMAGINE”! Imagine means to think, believe, or fancy, according to, so you are dumb

  23. I don’t think that’s offensive because the Isreali soldier is not portrayed as bad here. NOTHING TO KILL OR DIE FOR! He realizes that because the world is peaceful, he doesn’t need to fight anymore and breaks his gun. The lady, at first, does not like him, because, at first, he is a fighter and she wants peace. Someone explain how that’s bad, please.

  24. He’s not saying we should dump our religions and become atheists. He’s saying to “Imagine a world with no religion, where no one would be fighting over the fact that they’re right. ISIS stems from religion. Not that all Muslims are bad, that’s not true. ISIS is composed of radical Muslims (I think) and if there was no Muslimism, they wouldn’t exist.

  25. Hitler killed people because they were Jewish. If Jewish people didn’t exist it wouldn’t have happened. I’m not saying religion is bad. I love Jesus. He is the Savior and Catholicism is my religion. I just agree that people kill for religion. Take the American settlers. They either killed or tortured for religion, and the natives died for it. Also, WW1 falls under “Imagine there’s no countries. It isn’t hard to do”


  27. If the song was real, the “invaders” wouldn’t exist. The songs also says “no possessions”, so quit being a critic.

  28. I don’t think that’s offensive because the Isreali soldier is not portrayed as bad here. NOTHING TO KILL OR DIE FO! He realizes that because the world is peaceful, he doesn’t need to fight anymore and breaks his gun. The lady, at first, does not like him, because, at first, he is a fighter and she wants peace like you said. Someone explain how that’s bad, please.

  29. 5 Israeli civilians and 1400 Palestinian civilians killed in Operation Protective Edge (2014) and the media would like the world to believe that all of them are human shields and combatants in disguise. I don’t like Hamas either but are you actually seriously claiming that Israel is some kind of bastion of morality and conduct? There are literally 100s of videos on LiveLeak and YouTube depicting children being mistreated by Israeli soldiers.

    Since when has the media ever been unkind to Israel?


  31. I’v seen this amazing image on memecenter 1 or 2 years ago. But now, my history teacher found it and print it and gave us a homework about it. Can someone pleas help me! Who is the super hero in th 28th square??

  32. Okay, it’s done. So what are we going to do? We will suffer from lack of psychological conflicts, which keep our mental health. We will remove capitalism, ‘cos it’s in contraposition. We will share our plenteous lands with people from Africa, North Korea and Arctic, ‘cos they are hungry. Will we? Will you? Looks like this “Lennon” is a Lucifer’s reincarnation, because of his obsessive desire “destroy Earth’s way of life and watch all this humans are dying in chaos”.

    P.S. Politkovskaya didn’t care about peace.

  33. It is not a matter of Heaven or Hell, it is a matter of knowing ourselves inside in harmony of body, mind, heart and soul. It is also a matter of spirituality gift for some and their life view, and especially living now with humbleness and thanksfulness for who you are and have.! It is not religion … It is human deviation, who uses religion (history teaches us it) for power and domination through minds manipulation knowing the need of spirituality of people!!
    Don’t generalise tolerant and multi confessional!

  34. No, no, I totally get that…it wasn’t my point…my point was that everyone else was portrayed as peaceful and serene

  35. Beautiful message during these days .. pitty it ends with “Buy a Print of this Poster 24.95 !!! ” … please…

  36. Lennon was an ass who beat his wife and was loaded with money even though he said to give away your money to those who need it. Thumbs up to the others though

  37. Im from Israel, and when i saw how it described us i got offended. One, becouse it shows that the IDF want to kill innocents arabs and its not trou! becouse the IDF protect us (the Residents of israel) from the palastinian terorists that bombing us and trying to kill us, from the day i was born (15 years ago) and even before. Two, there is a saying “If Hamas will put down the wepons there will be peace, but if israel will put down the wepons, israel will stop existing.” Israel want peace too as much as the innocents pepole that live in gaza and became shilds for the terorists , but the lider in gaza want us dead. sorry but i want to live , just like you! even if it means to fight for my life and for my family’s life!
    I have a question , if your home, life, family,friends will be in danger… what will YOU do?

  38. Im from Israel, and when i saw how it described us i got offended. One, becouse it shows that the IDF want to kill innocents arabs and its not trou! becouse the IDF protect us (the Residents of israel) from the palastinian terorists that bombing us and trying to kill us, from the day i was born (15 years ago) and even before. Two, there is a saying “If Hamas will put down the wepons there will be peace, but if israel will put down the wepons, israel will stop existing.” Israel want peace too as much as the innocents pepole that live in gaza and became shilds for the terorists , but the lider in gaza want us dead. sorry but i want to live , just like you! even if it means to fight for my life and for my family’s life!
    I have a question , if your home, life, family,friends will be in danger… what will YOU do?

  39. When you say “they” need the message the most you are defending a belief just like them, drawing division lines… Hehe just saying, there’s the paradox in all this.

  40. Hehe well, if you think about it, although Pablo’s urgency in the illustration is to respect all beliefs, people who see it as atheist propaganda have a point. The lyrics ask them to imagine their beliefs are wrong while the song makes the assumption life and the world would be better.

  41. this is so awesome one day this would be happen >> and im hoping it>> .. but as what i see today >> peace is just an illusion >> and its just a dream for a dreamer like me >> reality is so sad >>

  42. I don’t think Lennon would care for this cartoon. The song seeks to illuminate the abstract nature of the rules that govern our world, by stating that our borders and gods are imaginary – yet, we allow government and religion to control us through promise of deferred reward – more importantly, we allow some in power to bend our collective good intentions toward evil. The song both depicts utopia, and illustrates the seemingly simple, yet frustratingly complex nature of human interaction on a global scale – the point is to strive for acceptance and peace through understanding, and achieve heaven now, on earth, not in a fictional afterlife. In my opinion, this cartoon over simplifies a multifaceted idea, and captures little of the intended essence – instead it simply seems to say “if one side of each conflict simply stopped fighting, we would have peace” which, like many a charming notion, is unrealistic. Lennon was advocating against both nihilism and zeal (political and religious), and dreaming of a world in which these factors were not at the helm of human destiny – unfortunately, these factors are inextricably linked to all modern day crises, and furthermore, the cartoonist seems to have confused just which parties are more full of zeal.

  43. Wow people really need to relax and look at a beautiful song visually translated. Everyone wants to read into it with there own bias’ and views. How about you just look at the message and leave the rest out. I saw this with a Muslim friend and a Thai find as all of us just said basically “well played.” And left it at that. But I guess hate runs deep. Smile once and a while.
    Just imagine. 😉

  44. Fairly certain most of the people show on the “I’m not the only one” part didn’t start for everything this song stands for. Just sayin.

  45. Palestinian is not a race — that’s a little dehumanizing, no? That’s the first step to a genocide. Make the public believe that your targets aren’t ‘human’. Israel has a right to exist. But so do the people who don’t have the luxury of getting billions in aid from the US. They have a right to exist.

    Just saying — your stance sounds like you’re on the path of dehumanizing the citizens of Gaza.

  46. I agree with you. Maybe because I’m an Israeli too… Unfortunately the image of us as an aggressors is too deep, so even in this beautifull and peaceful poster, which was created with so many good energy and love, we are still ‘fighting against innocent women and children’. It’s truly sad… People of Israel want nothing but living in peace…

  47. You have weird fantasies. Al-Qeada isnt the one bombing school children in UN shelters in Gaza, the israeli military is

  48. This is incredibly anti-semetic. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has little do to with religion.

  49. This is pure fantasy,unlike true religion/real Christianity! Not all those depicted here were even atheists! And beware: However well-intention-ed one’s imagining, hell is still real; and the proverbial road to it is paved with good intentions!

  50. Hello! Great song and picture!
    Can you explain me – who is this woman ANNA in picture??? She looks like russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, she was killed in 2006…

  51. “This is NOT an anti-religion/atheist-propaganda comic.”

    No, because that would require any other attitude from your message than sappy, lowest-common-denominator cutesiness.

  52. Pablo it’s beautiful and very clear what this is about. It’s about people letting other people BE. It’s almost pathatetic that you had to write the disclaimer but I can only imagine what comments you got on you EXCELLENT WORK! when you wouldn’t put it there… Love this poster! Shame I can’t afford it.

  53. @pablo_stanley:disqus you are full of s**t when it comes to your claims to portray an IDF soldier as “breaking the cycle of war”. REALLY? What ethnic origin are you? Any Islamic roots in your family? Because from where MANY of us sit, if you wanted to so-call “portray the cycle of war” being broken in the middle east conflict, you would have should an IDF soldier and a SUICIDE BOMBER or the likes, making peace with one another. The very fact that you chose a soldier with an un-armed female muslim woman, was INTENTIONAL, and ONLY on the basis of Islamic / Arab bias trying to brainwash the world that Israeli military actions are done with indiscriminate selection of civilian and terrorist, all while the terrorist hides behind their civilians to use as human shields. BOTH the depictions with an American soldier, AND an Israeli soldier, are BOTH deeply cryptically sending an intentional message, that Western Military is an “aggressor” and the innocent Muslim man and Muslim woman in this cartoon are the embodiment of tall the “innocent muslims” being “opressed” by the so called “Zionist” and America. I’m GLAD you made this cartoon, because it makes it that much easier to EXPOSE how covert Arab/Muslim culture is trying to still sneak in imigary into mainstream public thinking of “who” is the instigaor and “who” is the victim. Next time when you make a “koom-ba-ya” cartoon, please make sure you also illustrate Assad spraying his own people with bullets, Iranian women being stoned to death, Islamic women as a whole being forced into female circumcisions, and a few “martyrs” in the name of Allah won’t hurt either. You deceptive “this is for peace” lying piece of…

  54. Wondering what you would have replied had I not quoted a bible verse. Because what I wanted to say still stands that we as humanity have failed, always lust and desire for things not ours and in almost all cases want it right now no matter how immoral it is or how many others we have to step on to get what we want.

    I don’t intend to argue but just to put a simple point that to Love others you have to look beyond your”self” and that hardly very few do. It’s a battle to live like that in this selfish world.
    Have a good day mate 🙂

  55. The Bible in its original Language doesn’t sound anyway as nice. The Bible has been “PRETTIED Up” by the English King when he got the best poets and writers in the country to translate and rewrote the Bible in the BEST English.

    The Bible in its original language was a TERRIBLE MESS, with Misquotes, Forgeries, and LIES.

    You need to read the Bible EXPERT Bart D, EHRMAN who wrote some 25 books on the Bible!

    From Wiki:

    Bart D. Ehrman (born 5 October 1955) is an American New Testament scholar, currently the James A. Gray Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

    Ehrman is a leading New Testament scholar, having written and edited over twenty-five books, including three college textbooks.

    He has also achieved acclaim at the popular level, authoring four New York Times bestsellers:

    Misquoting Jesus, Jesus, Interrupted, God’s Problem, and Forged.[2] Ehrman’s work focuses on the New Testament, New Testament textual criticism, the Historical Jesus, and early Christianity.

  56. The reason Jews are the “Only One” because 5 Millions jews died as VICTIMS in World War II.

    The Jews Relied on OTHERS to protect them before the results were TERRIBLE!!!

    You would be tempted to carry a gun too if all your relatives were murdered just because of your Race and Religion!

  57. A little heartbreaking. Only the Jew has a gun. Only the Jew. Everybody else in the world appears to be chill. Even the American soldier is not toting. Once again, clearly, everything is really the Jew’s fault. Please excuse me, I love the song, but I can’t buy your poster. Have a good one.

  58. Even if every single person on this earth had forgotten about basic instincts such as jealousy and love/hate, all it would take would be one bad seed. Even if we all loved each other, all it would take would be one person to love your other half a little more that he/she should. There are millions of reasons why Lenon’s utopistic dreams can’t work in the real world. All based on logic. Yet millions of people seem to believe that such a dream could come true.

  59. Who is the NOT character??

    BUT: Albert Einstein
    I’M: Bob Marley
    NOT: ???
    THE: Martin Luther King
    ONLY: Anna Politkovskaya
    ONE: Mahatma Gandhi

  60. I like the music very much. But it informs me of my previously knowledge while increasing up. I increased up in a communist nation and I was trained to be an atheist and to believe in communism which is just like what’s published in the lines.

    John Lennon

  61. Not sure I’m cool about someone making money off of someone else’s lyrics – however nicely illustrated. Unless the original artist’s family is getting a cut?

  62. hello, mr. Stanley I had an animation project that is a claymation of the song John Lennon- Imagine and some scenes from my work was inspired by your comic. the thing his my college considered it plagiarism and they are deducting a huge amount of points or might even fail me, so I need your help! please give me permission to use your idea so that I could pass the course. I am desperate in this situation, please help me. thank you in advance. have a good day.
    The link to my film:

  63. So the article is trying to say we would have a world of peace if

    1) There was no Heaven/Hell or Religion

    2) There were no boundaries , all are citizens of One Country- The World.

    3) Nothing to Kill /Die for…

    The first two may be possible but the third one is IMPOSSIBLE because we Humans always want what doesn’t belong to us rightfully.
    That’s the basic problem that we don’t want to honor other’s boundaries.

    For most part of the human history pain,suffering,violence at a smaller and bigger level, have been because people were not satisfied with what they had, but always wanted someone else’s piece of cake.

    Bible puts it very aptly:-
    James 4:1-3
    What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you? 2 You desire but do not have, so you kill. You covet but you cannot get what you want, so you quarrel and fight. You do not have because you do not ask God.3 When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.

    Sir, Unless we learn to Love others more than our Self. This WORLD cannot Have the Peace you talk about!

  64. You forgot the panel where an Al Queda suicide bomber puts down his explosives vest and hugs the Jewish children he was about to murder. Oh wait…that’s because that will never happen. This is a nice song and the sentiment is in the right place, but it kinda ignores that there are some people in this world who are completely evil to the core and that will *never* change no matter how much you try to accommodate or love them.

  65. Don’t guess religion itself causes anything, since people act. Religion in such cases is nothing but an apology for trying wars (yes, trying is the word), or even for killing people. Let’s deep into the origin of each war: don’t you agree it is more reasonable thinking wars come from people expecting the sway than from people who expect put their god at it?

    So easy thinking religion, as it is, causes wars and deaths, I use to laugh so much reading about that.

    P.S.: I do believe in anybody, as well as I don’t follow any religion.

  66. Yaeh, you are damn right. I’m a atheist and i awake every morning thinking how could i destroy all believes from human being.

    But then i remember: they already have internet with public commentaries to do that.

    Thank you to take my job 😉

  67. That the most STUPID suggestion…we’re not like animals….no believe or vision for our future or life after death! That is for those who think that life is one’s in this life! These group of peoples thought ONLY live once! We need to have countries and borders…we need status and recognition and we need cultures and societies…What we should do is to suggest that we can’t or need any weapon or feel threatened with others. Stop feel prejudice to others. Actually there are no threat of problem from any ET/UFO’s..just just stupid imagination from some STUPID countries, just to make peoples scared or unsecured! Then they starting build weapons as to face these threats! Actually there are some peoples or groups scared the Islam or Christian trying to influenced each others. Where as there are groups like the Jews, Illiminati or atheist trying to destroy the believe of human being!

  68. I really liked the poster, but.. too expensive to be a massage of peace, don’t you think?

  69. You guys just don’t get it. John was talking about living in peace…no heaven, no hell, no countries, no religion…just people living together peacefully.

  70. Wow, So many atheists here who are like all religions, trying to impose their thinking on everybody. What you just depicted as peace is nothing but western culture and YOU think it is global. Why do you think you are better than the religious people when really, there isn’t much difference between you and those who try to impose religious theology. The real path to peace is let everyone have their own faith AND NOT IMPOSE YOUR POINT OF VIEWS.

  71. Israel is defending itself. It is unfortunate you do not understand that. Nor do you understand the obscenity of the Arab terrorists who hide behind their wives and children and then when they are killed act all outraged. That hiding behind their wives and children makes them cowards. The Arab terrorist is very very mentally sick. But the really sad thing is it is not surprising there are so many who excuse that self loathing mentality!!!!!!!!!

  72. And a racist does not know he is a racist because he agrees with the racist ideology and only hangs around with other racists.

  73. amazing song and amazing art! however, i don’t think your interpretation is what lennon had in mind.. i really don’t appreciate the image of the israeli soldier w/ a gun and the arab woman under the text “nothing to kill” … seriously? perhaps a more suitable picture would portray both israeli’s and arabs putting down their weapons… i believe that’s what lennon had in mind…

  74. por que disculparse cuando uno hace un mensaje bello???
    cuando la gente impone ideas politicas o religiosas no pide disculpas. cuando asesinan no piden disculpas.

    por que “disclaimer” en un mensaje tan bello

    que todos entienden aunque no compartan?

  75. Imagine a world where women
    are turned on by non violent femi men
    imagine hard I try
    but all the vags I see before me
    are cold and desert dustball dry 🙁

  76. The point is specifically about not being general. Being general is blaze and does not get the point across. Not one nationality is immune from criticism. We all have a great deal to learn.

  77. And you see nothing billbo72. The perfect follower trying to pick off someone you can never compete with. Nimrod indeed.

  78. And no I did not miss the point. The fact the cartoonist pointed out one people to vilify proves the cartoonist has a long way to go.

    He could have just picked a U.N. soldier and that would have made it general in nature but you’ll get there maybe eventually Bill.

  79. No I am saying that the very fact the cartoonist used an Israeli soldier makes what he did anti-semitic. And he is no doubt pro palestinian. Whatever that is.

  80. Since Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, terrorists have fired more than 8,000 rockets into Israel. Between 2006 and 2011 44 people were murdered by Hamas rockets and 1,687 Israeli citizens were injured. Seriously, get informed.

  81. Palestinian is not a race. You sir, are an ignorant asshat. I have no shame but I do have a career and don’t necessarily wish to share my views in my own name with the professional community I am part of, should they happen around these parts.

  82. This is impossible to achieve even if everything on this was removed. The problem is people, People are going to hate, people are going to judge. People are going to want to be better than the other guy and they will compete both physically and mentally, they will want to have more than the other guy. People are going to pick favorites. We all have different opinions and will also have that because we are all different. We have different tastes and different objectives. The only way for peace is to remove us all because we are a greedy, hateful, judging race on this world and there is nothing that can be done to change this.

    Downvote me if you want, but it is impossible for us to live as one while we populate this world.

  83. Einstein and Ghandi were really religious people, anything else about no cuntries and nothing to kill, sounds good, but no religion will make our existence empty

  84. It’s not the case that “every Atheist” “always assumes” anything. Theists as well as atheists, however, can easily observe that religion causes MANY wars (not all).
    (Shall I assume that “every theist always assumes” various wrong things about atheists?)

    The Communists to whom you refer were not communists; they were followers (or else thralls) of people who had made an evil perversion of the ideas of Marx and Engels.

    The (fake) Communist governments tend to be officially atheistic, sometimes with suppression of religionists, but the official governmental stance does not represent the hearts of the people.
    The fact that tens of millions died (chiefly under Stalin) has NOTHING to do with atheism: the people were not killed for having religion, but for being politically inconvenient to Stalin and his goons.

    Hitler was not a priest, though he claimed to be a devout Christian — therefore not non-religious. (His campaign of extermination against the Jews (and other groups), however, was not because of their religion specifically, but because of their culture.)

    Modern technology has allowed wars to be far more deadly than previously, so it’s very good that there have been very few such conflicts. But note that the NUMBER of wars that have been waged on religious grounds is still nauseatingly large, much larger than the number of non-religion-based wars.
    Note that no war has ever been started for the purpose of advancing atheism, but that many have been started to advance one religious cause or another.

    P.S. I guess you’re ignorant of (not ‘to’) the fact that “your” and “you’re” are different words, and that you used the wrong one. (Your skills with punctuation and sentence structure need some work too.)

  85. Why doesn’t India copy the german intra-state financial compensation, and provides assistance to the citizens in setting up a pension-, social- and health-system based on the german model, with its various democratically elected professional chambers and associations of “professional associations of independent professionals“, as well as related professional organizations and all political odds and ends, which is related with it?

    The “intra-state financial compensation” would be quite a complicated
    tool, to provide some tax-money within India to help or promote some structurally weaker areas. I am sure there are non-governmental associations like the “Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung” somewhere in India, who understand what I am writing somehow.

    It may bring wealth, jobs and all these funny things and lets all aim together
    for a higher goal:

    Fairness …^^

    What about forming a higher, common goal?
    Regardless of age, skin color, religious belief, and all these kind of things?

    Something that connects all different kind of people under the one aspect of fairness and respect.

    Something legal that is routine-working with NGOs, Companies, associations,
    independent professionals, national associations, employees, employers, and all
    these kind of topics.

    Something timeless and secular.

    Something like Germany made with France^^ France has been Germanys hostile neighbour for a very long time.

    That that started 2 world-wars somehow.

    We made a treaty.

  86. excuse me miss… but what world do you come from?
    because in my world animals sure do have brains, and you betcha they have conscience. 😉
    and for your consideration.. try to get it out of your brain that we are NOT animals, because in fact WE ARE. and we might be the stupiddest of em all,
    for what i see the animal economie is doing very well for itself 🙂

  87. The point in this song, for me, is that imagination has a certain effect on our minds. We start seeing pictures and trying to figure out how it would be possible, and in that way start a creative process towards something better. Sadly, some are not trained in the art of imagination. Those of us who are more lucky just have to speak louder and do our best to share this ability, not the least with all the children.

  88. Imagine if the religion that encourages people to scream “allah akbar” and then blow up civilians didn’t exist. Then we really could “live as one”.

  89. Why is it every Atheist always assumes its religion that causes wars. I guess your ignorant to the fact that Atheists called “Communists” killed over 40 million people. How about Hitler was he a Priest. I don’t think so. He was non religious and look at what he did. Those two groups alone killed more than all other wars combined in the last 200 years. WW1 wasn’t religious as well.

  90. as a soldier in israel i was very offended by the choice of puting an arab woman becouse this is a lie that hurts every israeli who served in the army, are job is to protect citicens, i wouldnt have a problem with that image if it was showing an israeli soldier against an palastinian terorist. the media that all of the world is getting is so full of lies to make the news companys more rich instead actualy helping the war to end… and i would even forget that steriotipical nose becouse it is effective to all of the jews in the world (its antisametic)… it just made me sad.

  91. Sad that you have to explicitly explain that this isn’t anti-religion. I guess that isn’t because religion-free people (or as you wrongly call them “atheists”) occupying your art, but surely because usually so called religious (mono-theistic) “believers” are getting angry and even violent if you tell them that there is no religion. – Did any of the one group of mono-theistic “believers” already wrote you hatemails because you did blasphemy by drawing Mohamed?

    Apart from that obviously needed for your own protection disclaimer I really like your comic.

  92. Clearly you’re not willing to acknowledge the actual subtext. For example, having the Israeli soldier threatening an unarmed arab woman?

    Duh, gee there’s no commentary there, eh?

    Maybe they should have used a muslim suicide bomber instead? Oh, but I guess they didn’t want to piss off the wrong people. They know Jews won’t threaten them with death for a little ribbing.

    You’re an idiot.

  93. To all those that say this comic is anti-semitic; Why are you looking at this in a negative light? You say “why not use another nation/soldier/culture?” Well, if they used a Chinese person, then it would be racist/discriminatory to the Chinese. If they used a Russian soldier, then it would be racist/discriminatory against the Russians. I mean c’mon. Get your heads out of your asses.

    The way I look at it is an Israeli soldier that has the power (cuz he has a weapon) to control/kill, yet he chooses to relinquish that power in the name of equality and peace. An ISRAELI SOLDIER CHOSE peace over power. But you know what, your right. This comic is the biggest anti-semitic work in history. The person who made this comic clearly has it out for the jews and Hebrew’s alike. He clearly hates them all and is a racist bastard, even though the comic is conveying a message about acceptance, understanding and peace. How could I, and everyone else have missed that?

    Stop looking for racism where racism does not exist. There’s enough racism going around as it is.

  94. [soundcloud url="" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

  95. Great Work! Some of these people in the “i’m not the only one” part where very religious. Nowadays, looks like many folks are against things like spiritual faith. While its complete truth can never be completely measured by human perception, Religion is just a thinking or feeling pattern, just like economy, science, hippie or whatever. The next problem lies not in those thinking patterns, it lies in the people unable or unwanting to overlook them and to cooperate with foreign patterns. But if you drill it down, mostly it comes to social influence which gains access to vital ressources. As long as humanity doesn’t accept any equally powerful natural antagonists limiting their consumption of natural ressources (eg. space, food, etc.) and as long humanity is unable to control its inner urge for self multiplication it needs to be its own antagonist, represented by mental patterns, done by wars, poverty and much more. It’s not sad, it’s natural and it is a mission for everyone. Go ahead and tackle it!!! Everyday!

  96. You are a racist who defends the indefensible! You even hide your name because you are ashamed of your beliefs!

  97. The Israelis should own the fact that they have, and continue to, steal land, illegally from Palestinians and build settlements on them, killing the legitimate owners of that land when they try to fight to get it back!

  98. Wait, you specified the core of the issue. Is it some malevolent overseer AKA God or Satan that dictates our actions or are we all in control of our own actions and thus we ourselves ‘choose’ to be either good or evil?

    That’s the question.

  99. I don’t believe that we need “Faith” to know what’s good and bad. It is also a dichotomy to say that you need rules to exercise your freewill. Everything is relative. And “Yes” we are animals. We are primates from the Hominidae family. Yet, we are the only species on this planet that kill for sport and in excess. Does that mean that having a human brain and human conscience is a bad thing? I do imagine that kind of world and if you have studied the life and words of Jesus (on your own and not dictated during Sunday mass), he talked as well of such “Imagine”[d] world. Don’t be afraid to Imagine. Don’t be afraid to question the stories of “Mother Culture.”

  100. Yeah, those Israelis think they have the right to exist! How dare they defend themselves against all those poor arabs who only want to wipe them off the face of the Earth! It’s ALL their fault for defending themselves!

  101. owning their part? what part exactly? I assume you think the Tibetans should “own their part” in their “conflict” with China?

  102. What should Israel own? That most of the Arab world wants to wipe the Jews of Israel off the planet? That the neighboring countries around Israel consistently attack Israel? What should Israel OWN???

  103. I get his point, but I’m willing to bet the number of times he’s actually been asked that question is zero, never mind “all the time”.

  104. “The question I get asked by religious people all the time is, without
    God, what’s to stop me from raping all I want?

    And my answer is: I do rape all I want. And the amount I want is zero. And I do murder all I want, and the amount I want is zero. The
    fact that these people think that if they didn’t have this person
    watching over them that they would go on killing, raping rampages is
    the most self-damning thing I can imagine.”

    – Penn Jillette

  105. “The question I get asked by religious people all the time is, without
    God, what’s to stop me from raping all I want?

    And my answer is: I do rape all I want. And the amount I want is zero. And I do murder all I want, and the amount I want is zero. The
    fact that these people think that if they didn’t have this person
    watching over them that they would go on killing, raping rampages is
    the most self-damning thing I can imagine.”

    – Penn Jillette

  106. then everyone would still go fucking crazy having no religious spiritualism to bind them to boundaries , everyone would walk around banging everyone else on the street and , getting drunk etc etc all the whole

  107. Nope. He was a tool and it’s a crap song. Painfully simplistic, self-righteous garbage. I get the impression he genuinely thought he’d had some amazing insite, like some deranged stoner asking why we don’t just solve poverty by printing each person a million dollars.

  108. Faith and religion are separate. They can both be good things. The bad ideology occurs when faith or religion is taken to the extreme and has been interpreted in the wrong way thus causing conflict (even within the same religion). I don’t believe for us to achieve world peace we have to abolish religion.. we just need people to rethink what they truly believe in and decide for themselves whether it is right or wrong. Everyone will have different beliefs on certain matters but they shouldn’t force their beliefs on others.

    Believe what you wish but stay true to the fundamentals of your religion and you will be rewarded.

  109. Obama wants peace? Yeah right. Maybe he wants there to be only one country, NWO-style, but that’s apparently achieved with war, judging by Syria.

  110. VERY NICE…Very original… i love it !! PLEASE IGNORE THE POLITICAL agendas people are posting… They just do not get it. STAY POSITIVE !!

  111. Wonderfull 🙂 Simply looking at the comic makes me picture a better world 🙂

    And by the way, to all those who say the “Israeli Soldier” segment is disturbingly Anti-Sematic, I have to tell you that I am Israeli, and I see no wrong in a man pointing out this tangled mess in such a way. He did not claim anything. He just pointed out the situation as he sees it, and did it optimisticaly. I have no issues what-so-ever in having people of both sides stop dying for this stupid war, and just go play football with everyone.

  112. Perhaps if Jews and Israelis started owning THEIR part in these problems, the rest of the world would get somewhere. Israel is not innocent in these conflicts and for you to believe so means you’re just as bad as the ones you are fighting.

  113. You’re delusional. Israel is not defending itself. It has pretty much taken over Palestine to a point where Palestine exists in tiny, unconnected fragments only. Since when is occupation = defense?

  114. Wow ! Welcome to our planet, extraterrestrial visitor ! I am delighted to hear that on your planet you are at peace. Unfortunately, on our planet, faith and religion is the root cause of all conflict and division and is why we have so much of it. Please feel free to avail yourself of the Internet and the World Wide Web, read press coverage from around “The World”, as we call it, of our many trouble-spots and of the many human beings (men, women and children) who are persecuted, mutilated and killed every day for their religious beliefs (and non-belief) by theists who hold differing religious beliefs and believe everyone else should conform to them or get off their land !
    Enjoy your visit here.

  115. What? The Israeli Army is the force of a religious state. Who do you think most represents wars over religious differences? Surely not a soldier from a secular state.

  116. Have to add that this bothers me more by the second. We have the president of Iran cursing every Jew on the planet, 90% or more Muslim countries don’t even TEACH that Israel exists and perpetuate intense hatred for Jews and Israel, and this is the choice to put on this comic? It would be nice if Jews in Israel didn’t feel the need to defend themselves but this image implies that Israel are killers, and they are not. They are defending themselves against pretty much, nonstop rocket fire.

  117. 🙁 I was literally just about to click the link to buy this print when I went back and saw that it’s an Israeli soldier depicted above. Heavy sigh. I may not agree with the situation in Israel but can’t hang this on my wall. I’d buy a revised version with a random soldier in that cell though.

  118. WTF and whatever you guys all wanna say. That comic already make you feel happy even just a moment. So enjoy it.

  119. “Imagine there are no countries, it isn’t hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for… Imagine all the people, living life in peace.” John Lennon = total anarchist.

  120. Religions are a big reason strife and other such things happen in this world so that concept of “faith” I disagree with. I do believe in having faith in one another and believing in peace for peace’s sake.

    The way I see it war happens when people try to force their idea of what is right on another or it happens in way of conquest for land, supplies or when some group is deemed a threat. If we all took a stand against that and just lived out our lives thinking about how to co-exist with each other and nature, perhaps the world would be as one? I don’t think it necessarily has to do with good and evil, because nothing is good or evil right off the bat. A large part of those entities is nurtured, not created.

    The world is chaotic right now even with “faith” and your portrayal of good and evil…it would be interesting to see what would happen if people decided to throw away all their arrogance and pride and live out their lives instead of destroying one another over little differences.

  121. If you need religious beliefs to know what’s “good” or “bad” then that’s too sad. “Faith is the reason why we are at peace. If there is no faith, then all our freewill will let us go rampage out there.” smh, we’re not animals, we have brains and conscience. Too bad ignorance will never let us achieve total peace in the world.

  122. I personally am not burdened with “faith” and I don’t feel the compulsion to “rampage out there” …….. The world is chaotic right now BECAUSE of government, culture and religion.

  123. Just to clarify, you are acknowledging that the terrorist acts of the State of Israel are no different than those of the “Islamic soldier who is murdering little girls in Africa? Or Chinese soldier murdering monks?” but would prefer that one of those examples were used instead…?

  124. A religion or a nation is merely a tool…the problem is the corrupt morality of the individuals who use these tools to satisfy their psychopathic desires of wealth and power at all costs…

    If you want the world that John Imagine’d…you just have to create a society where parents can practice attachment parenting (stopping the psychopathic traits from being created) and remove stress from their lives (easily done by ridding the world of usury).


  125. Wow! If you think you would go on a rampage if you didn’t have faith, then by all means – BELIEVE. I, however, can be good to everyone (within my capacity of goodness) without thinking I will burn if I don’t.

  126. Hey, Nimrod. (See what I did there?) Lots of Italians, Turks, French, and Greeks also have noses like that.

  127. Pablo, your art is outstanding! Keep doin’ it man! I make some comics too:

  128. This is not realistic. This won’t happen without faith. Faith is the reason why we are at peace. If there is no faith, then all our freewill will let us go rampage out there. I get the point, living equally together as one is what we want of course. But the world will not be in balance if there is no good and evil. This is the essence of life. Believe me, if there is nothing to believe, I’m not just pertaining to religions but also government and culture, the world would’ve gone chaotic by now. You don’t get freedom easily by that because the world one’s was like ONE until different perspective of different person started to oppose each other and war begone. War happened and many people die but the conclusion leads to either freedom or been conquered. “United we Stand”, openly understand others’ way of life. Fight as one. “Divided we fall”, we are divided into different nations but not as understanding the terms of agreement of giving space to one another. You can’t just grab an arm that easily. Just can’t. Or perhaps, impossible.

  129. That is truly dumb. A lot of Jewish people have that kind of nose. So what? Why don’t you embrace it instead of being ashamed of it?

  130. There you are…TOTALLY missing the message. You still have some work to do. But I believe you can get there.

  131. If it is not anti semetic why didn’t you use an Islamic soldier who is murdering little girls in Africa? Or Chinese soldier murdering monks? No, it is anti-Semitic and it will never happen because you, like the likes of George W Bush mistakenly believe that all human beings are inherently good. I imagine you also say to people in general, “You’re a good man Brownie.” Human beings are not.

  132. What a great illustration of a wonderful song. The source material communicates an incredibly powerful message about the things that separate us being so much more minor than the things that unite us as humans, and I think you captured that masterfully.

    (Too bad some of the people in the comments are too busy projecting their own insecurities into the message to understand it. Shame, because they’re usually the people who need this message the most…)

  133. I’d like to get a print with the disclaimer at the bottom.
    Great messages often go unheard because people make assumptions about non-existent, secret messages.
    Well articulated art, Sir!

  134. Te conocí con este trabajo y sigo creyendo que eres un dibujante maravilloso, además de un pensador magníficlo.

  135. to imagine is more than enough for some people to make their lifes better! 🙂
    AND NOW IT’S FREE!!!!!!!!!! HURRY UP PEOPLE !!!! JUST imagine …. 😛

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