Anna and Toby – 02

This is the second part of Anna and Toby. You can read the first part here.

Anna and Toby
Anna and Toby
Anna and Toby
Anna and Toby

This is the second half of the first episode of Anna and Toby. A comic about two best friends that find themselves by chance and help each other against a hostile world. My first try at a story that doesn’t have a punch line and isn’t just ‘funny’. I really hope you like it. You can read the first episode here.

The next episodes will be featured on Web Toon Live every Monday.

This is NOT an advert for Bioshock. Although, Irrational Games, if you wanna chip in some cash, I’m down.

44 thoughts on “Anna and Toby – 02”

  1. This was beautifull
    I see it on Tumblr and i have to tell you this is so beautifull
    Thank you for this

  2. and then she says
    Anna:Have you played gta V?
    Toby:no, i only have a pc =/
    *jumps from the bridge*

  3. I knew you had it in you to go and try a new different approach. I could DEFINITELY wait like forever for more of this, if I have to….
    Way to go, Pabs!!

  4. Annie and a human version of tibbers before she turned him into a big teddy bear.

  5. I am rendered speechless by how such a simple comic has lead to the eruption of such complex emotions within me.

    This is so beautiful. Please never stop.

  6. I nearly cried, that was beautiful. I already ship them ( lol ) I’m already waiting for the third part 😀

  7. I am definitively interested in knowing what will happen next. I said it in the first comic ans I’ll say it again , this comic series shows a lot of promise.

  8. ¡Que bello! Me llegó bastante, de hecho casi me haces llorar… Bueno un poco, jajaja. Soy tu fan! :3 Me encanta tu trabajo, Pablo! 🙂

  9. I think is great you’re doing a less this-is-just-a-simple-joke comic. Jaja. Buen trabajo Pablo.

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