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Read the second part here.

This is half of the first episode of Anna and Toby. A comic about two best friends that find themselves by chance and help each other against a hostile world. My first try at a story that doesn’t have a punch line and isn’t just ‘funny’. I really hope you like it.

The next episodes will be featured on Web Toon Live every Monday.

25 thoughts on “Anna and Toby – 01”

  1. You are making assumptions about girls that are wrong. This whole big post you made is based on a lie. To be fair, I think it is a lie a lot of girls perpetuate because they know that just telling a guy “not interested” is frequently met with angry cries of “bitch”. I have never, in my entire life, met a girl who said “well, I was attracted to him, but now he’s a friend”. I have met girls who will SAY this to guys when rejecting them because they know that if they are honest and say they are not attracted to him, they’ll lose their friend and the guy might even become aggressive.

    Attraction is attraction. You can know right away if you’ve got chemistry with someone, and that’s true regardless of your gender. So if a girl is “friendzoning” you, she probably wasn’t attracted to you in the first place. Instead of guys “working” to ride the line between being friendly but still fuckable, maybe they should try just being honest and telling the girl they find her attractive, and then not act like a total douhebag if she doesn’t feel the same. Then girls might feel more comfortable being honest and this whole friendzoning bullshit lie can finally die out.

  2. *sigh* I really wish people would actually try to understand what the word Friendzone means before they attack it. It doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed sex if you are nice to a girl. The actual meaning is that you are much more likely to get a girl to date you if you aren’t good friends with her. You’ll notice that the vast majority of the time, girls date guys outside of her main friend group (“that one girl you knew in college” who is different doesn’t change the general rule).

    The reason why? Because most of the time if a girl sees you as a close friend, she stops thinking of you romantically. So guys have the goal of getting to know the girl well enough so that she would consider him someone to date, but not well enough so that she would consider him a friend and thus off the list of potential boyfriends. So it makes sense that guys would be frustrated if the situation turns into friendship when he was trying to get a date. It isn’t because there is anything wrong with friendship or that the girl has to date him. It’s based on the fact that the same girl might have dated him if she hadn’t have gotten to know him well enough to consider him a friend.

    THAT is what the word Friendzone means. It has nothing to do with the picture above. People need to stop assuming the worst whenever a guy expresses frustration about a dating situation.

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  4. Or, make sure Toby doesn’t friendzone Anna either and give her the crap about being distrustful about the whole mankind and all.

  5. Hey Pablo.. I’m a huge fan n have always admired your art.. As ever, you’ve nailed it again in terms of story, blocking and execution.. But I notice that you’ve stepped out of your trademark style of sketching the characters which is something I personally found a bit out of track.. Buddy.. Please stick to your earmark style.. That is what makes your art stand out..
    No offence… Just a humble suggestion..

  6. Hey, Pablo! I like that Tobby guy. Make sure Anna doesn’t friendzone him, or you’re fucking dead to me. Get it? Cool. I love you.

  7. Wow muy interesante, quisiera seguir leyendolo! parece genial! te tiro mucha esperanza a este proyecto. Te deseo lo mejor del mundo. Eres muy talentoso, captaste toda mi tención con esta pequeña muestra

  8. I saw this once from webtoon and I will definitely subscribe to this one. Even though I usually read manga, cause I like Pablo’s works 🙂

  9. soy de colombia, pero no importa la distancia o el idioma tú trabajo sorprende en cualquier lugar, Excelente y esperando! 😀

  10. God Pabs this is great! make more of this i want to see more! It’s a really good story!

  11. Thank you, Ha!
    I was saying your name, I wasn’t laughing, hahaha (now I’m laughing, not repeating your name like a crazy person).
    <3 <3 <3

  12. damn it pablo you win this time hahaha, I want to see more man ! its seems like it will be a great story, here take my thumb and my respect! 😀

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