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  • Loss Geller

    can’t wait to jump into bioshock infinite

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  • Amilianna

    Ah. A man with a sharp wit. Someone should take it away before he cuts himself with it.

  • Apostolos Kotsolis

    What if I told you Friendzone and Uglyzone are two different things…

  • Saima Musharrat

    Or, make sure Toby doesn’t friendzone Anna either and give her the crap about being distrustful about the whole mankind and all.

  • Sushant Sudhakaran

    Hey Pablo.. I’m a huge fan n have always admired your art.. As ever, you’ve nailed it again in terms of story, blocking and execution.. But I notice that you’ve stepped out of your trademark style of sketching the characters which is something I personally found a bit out of track.. Buddy.. Please stick to your earmark style.. That is what makes your art stand out..
    No offence… Just a humble suggestion..

  • Mateus Figueiredo

    This is very nice. Please continue doing these.

  • Amilianna


  • Apostolos Kotsolis

    Hey, Pablo! I like that Tobby guy. Make sure Anna doesn’t friendzone him, or you’re fucking dead to me. Get it? Cool. I love you.

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  • Ben-David Villarreal

    Excited for the next part tomorrow. The series shows a lot of promise!

  • Sergiu

    And tomorrow is MONDAY! Can’t wait to see part 2!

  • Vincent Clyde

    still looking for the hidden penis… just to laugh and stop my tears from pouring out

  • Medis Shehi

    Wanna see more,you are so talented…

  • Rodrigo Vázquez Andregnette

    Wow muy interesante, quisiera seguir leyendolo! parece genial! te tiro mucha esperanza a este proyecto. Te deseo lo mejor del mundo. Eres muy talentoso, captaste toda mi tención con esta pequeña muestra

  • Hotaru

    I saw this once from webtoon and I will definitely subscribe to this one. Even though I usually read manga, cause I like Pablo’s works :)

  • Luis García Hernández

    DAMN!!! I just need to read more Pablo!!!

  • Alejandro Arias

    soy de colombia, pero no importa la distancia o el idioma tú trabajo sorprende en cualquier lugar, Excelente y esperando! :D

  • Pablo E. Vilaboa

    God Pabs this is great! make more of this i want to see more! It’s a really good story!

  • Pablo Stanley

    Thank you, Ha!
    I was saying your name, I wasn’t laughing, hahaha (now I’m laughing, not repeating your name like a crazy person).
    <3 <3 <3

  • Scott Peterson

    This is great. I can’t wait to see more.

  • Ha Sanada

    damn it pablo you win this time hahaha, I want to see more man ! its seems like it will be a great story, here take my thumb and my respect! :D