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  • Elvira Hoft

    me neither!! that’s why i was looking for it like crazy XD

  • JPaulBeaubier

    Subliminar message! O.o

  • Alejandro Alvarez

    Hahaha, I can’t even imagine a penis with a duck face

  • Matheus Carpes

    dat sponge bob rage face

  • Monster B

    Bravest Warriors

  • BK

    LOL! Thanks for the good laugh. It did happen and I was guilty of it!

  • Elvira Hoft

    and i actually read “the duck-face penis in the last frame”
    been looking for a penis with a duckface in the last frame for several seconds -_-

  • Empenis state building.

  • Alejandro Alvarez

    Da fuck with the penis in the last frame?