Mr. Poop

Mr. Poop

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Who said you couldn’t read a comic with a soundtrack? Thank you Mr. Poop. You are the sh*t!

I made this comic a year ago, but hadn’t published it on my blog. Back in the day, I used to draw my comics on paper. Now that I see them, they look a bit outdated, but still good. I want to think I’ve gotten better with time :)

  • Vivek Teegalapally

    hahaha perfectly suits the music

  • Luis T. Espino

    That’s hilarious man!, Gracias Pablo!!! XD

  • Armin Sebastian Cano Fuica

    Mr. Poop, you are the best!

  • Sanjai Joseph

    best comic site ever.i will be regular

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  • Vivi Yeh

    I think I just have been pep talked.

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  • Johanne Benoit

    with music its even more awesome :)

  • Rettiysa H.T.S.

    Epic! The song fits tremendously well! Thanks!
    Anyway…that RedTube book….

  • Andrew Tzal

    (next panel) Bonerman where are you?

  • टिंकुआ के पप्पा

    Ha ha ha! Amazing comic man! The music made it more awesome!

  • Sitanshu Mehrotra

    Pablo Stanley! Y u so awesome. . .

  • John Doe


  • Enderson Castillo

    Pablo Stanley You are the shit! LOL great! awesome!

  • aae

    Riots over US closing YouPorn!!!

  • Nicolas Anibal Ramirez

    JAJAJAJAJA i reach the las pic with the “Trying hard now”, EPIC jajjaja

  • Joel Cortez

    i dont have internet :(

  • Melissa Lima


  • Misael Zarate

    the experience that the music is amazing