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  • Bu-bu-but… You can’t use cut off fingers because the technology requires living fingers’ prints D:

  • swissjoe

    … clever Pablo. Just one flaw in the satire.
    The iOS fingerprint software checks if the owner of the print is alive.

    That is sinister, on a whole other level. Just sayin…..

  • Abigail Faith Harrold

    The Apple logo looks like a pile of poo, how great xD

  • Apparently, the sensor needs *live flesh* because it’s using some sort of radio frequency, so a cut-off finger or a fake finger tip *won’t* work.

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  • Bandicoot889

    what if i told you that galaxy note 3 comes in pink too?

  • BK

    Love it! 😀

  • Jose Geraldo Aponte

    good one jejeje

  • Hasan Azeez

    Way cool….

  • Salvador Canalizo Corral

    Made my day!

  • Pablo Stanley

    I have two words. Thank you 🙂

  • Adam

    awesome, I have one freaking word and that’s awesome