• C Charly Saavedra

    Interesting story and important

  • SeaJay

    I miss your comics. This one and the life and donuts one are my faves. Are you okay? Are you doing other stuff? Taking a break? Wish I knew! Anyone have any idea?

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  • neoritter

    A good piece, but Grace Hopper was not one of the first programmers. She wad one of the first programmers for the Mark I computer. There’s a difference.

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  • James Spurrier

    Looks like the comic was corrected at the originally-published Udemy link given at the bottom of the page.

  • A Petty Net Wanderer

    The wait couldn’t be more worth it.
    such history
    much enlightenment
    very inspiration
    Oh, and a belated thanks for all the lols before, the Queen tributes, Captain Obvious and all. 😀

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  • Fernando Becerra

    Increible comic, podrías hacer una version en español también? 😀

  • Peter

    I think you have a mistake here. Ms. Hopper was born in 1906; therefore should could not have been 7 in 1940. Otherwise, thank you for this very nice work.

  • Javier Dehesa

    Awesome!! We missed you 😀