• I read this comic .. I hear the song in my head .. get goosebumps and almost tears in my eyes ..

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  • Adriano Tomasini

    There’s a little error in the lyrics (9th panel)
    “It’s turning inside out” should be “I’m turning inside out”

    Anyways, awesome work!

  • Cesar Inzunza

    Man… I’m buying this, hands down, but I would be definitely happier if you make the rest of the song. I’ll be wating for it

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  • ellatheingenue

    i really like the eye of sauron as Freddie mercury flies through the sky

  • Hisham Assaad

    Great comic. Happy birthday Mr. Mercury

  • Almighty

    hahahaha this make me lol

  • Juan Cardona

    Eres un genio

  • D4rkL0rd


  • pablostanley

    Sorry 🙁

  • D4rkL0rd

    Dude, why did you stop in the middle ?!
    I was listening the the song, and suddenly the comic ended while the song was running :'(

  • Fernando Black Lourenço

    Stanley, one of my favorite comics writer/designer/whateverthenameofwhatyoudois.