This is one of my favorite songs by The Beatles. The comic is loosely based on stuff that happened to me some time ago. I know the end might seem a bit harsh, but in those moments, you start thinking that that’s the only way out. Fortunately, I overcame that situation and looking at the yesterday reminds me that I should thrive for the tomorrow.

Lyrics by Sir James Paul McCartney. All rights reserved. (please don’t sue me!)

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  • ChrisStayler

    Who get’s into a relationship thinking “hey, i’m not going to grow attached to this person” Love just happens, you can’t really control it.

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  • Gizela L

    Beautiful but sadness..
    Hoping you now live happier than before 🙂

  • There is always, always, always something to be thankful for. Such as beard

  • Agata

    Love the song, love the comic. A magical illustration, i give you that. I will never dump a man without explenation, I might never dump anyone at all!

  • Pablo, you are the real artist!

  • Great one as always!
    Funnily the best part I liked was the last four words (please don’t sue me) LOL 😛

  • Wesley Gabriev Milan

    The feels man. I’ve been through depression and they aren’t good. The feels from this comic? Relatable and nice to know I’m not alone. Good song too 🙂

  • remarkable

  • Hugo

    I hear this song all the time , the lyrics along with their comic portrays a perfect summary of the story that happened to me a few days , I’m depressed , I can not stop listening to this song with your comics , as it says in the song
    ” Why She had to go
    I don’t know
    She wouldn’t say ”
    she went to Ecuador , without saying why , he said that if I wanted to have some kind of ” lace ” with her, would be only the friendship , just left me without saying anything she pisau my feelings as if I had not, I do not know if I said something that hurt her, I remember when I spent the whole day with her … the only thing that makes me live , that gives me the strength to try to stay one more day in this world , is the fact that I think that I might one day meet her in person and she consegir win again, as one day I had done, even knowing that it is practically impossible … I ‘m Brazilian , I do not know if I’m welcome , but I’m just venting here with you all , I ‘m just tired of carrying it on my back!

  • Abhimanyu Singh Negi

    Saw this the day before yesterday. It’s moving and real.

  • Benjamin Eugene NElson

    Been there too, man. Glad I’m not the only one to have made it out the other side.

  • gamophyte

    Sad, dark, but good comic; We’ve all been there. I am much better at consuming loss with the realization of how things can be after the fact. Love is like nicotine.

  • Cristóbal Ortega

    hahaha no lo habia notado…

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  • Leno haty

    puto de mierda
    esta mejor el de jhon lenon aunque este caca tambien

  • spring

    it kinda reminded me of Paul and Jane too!
    but seriously, it was really cool, loved it!

  • One of my favorite songs of theirs, too. It’s definitely not the brightest of endings on this comic, but as you said.. when you’re in it, this is how it feels.

    Oh, and I love how McCartney-esque he looks 🙂

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  • deyvid

    you are the best frend
    i…… you are the best

  • Fredrock

    Dear Deanus:

    It’s not simply over a failed relationship that one contemplates such thoughts. As a person with some experience on the matter, your whole life kind of goes down the shitter, depression is the biggest immobilizer of people. When you love someone and live with them your sense of self tends to meld together with them so that if they do one day leave not only are you very much missing a part of yourself, of your everyday life but you also turn on yourself start feeling animosity towards who you are now and envying who you were when you were happy. I could go on to highlight other things that would drive someone to contemplating suicide over the loss of a loved one but if what I said hasn’t changed your point of view even a little bit then I dont think I could ever change it.

  • Ahmed Khaled Hussein

    That’s Amazing , that’s the real art , i used to get a simple feeling when i listened to the song , but after seeing this while listening to the song i felt that am getting touched , amazing work.

  • Michael

    Deanus Weenus,

    From an outsider’s rational point of view that may be quite true, but if you are deep into the situation yourself, your thought process gets rather clouded and you are utterly unable to think things through rationally. Emotions have a thing of overtaking rational thought when they are strong.

    If you don’t let yourself grow attached enough to get very emotional about another person, I think that it may be harder to maintain a long-term commited relationship (or get to the point where you can call a relationship commited in the first place). That’s just my view.

    If my fiancee would leave me at this point, I’d be pretty damned devastated. I don’t think I’d go as far as contemplate the worst though.

  • Deanus Weenus

    Im sorry but this is stupid. If you kill yourself over a woman you’re an idiot and need to grow a pair.

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  • Lo mejor de los recuerdos del ayer es que te ayudan a ser más fuerte en el mañana


  • ¿Por qué tiene una erección cuando está en la noria?

  • This really touched into what I feel right now,it felt like yesterday… what’s done is done… but this also made me laugh in the end,no one will sue you.

  • Anu

    I teared up. This is absolutely beautiful. And Sir James Paul McCartney, Jr, is my favourite person in the whole wide world. 🙂 Love it.

  • Pepo Dillon

    Dude I didn’t know your job, but it’s awesome! I saw you on facebook and then google brought me here, you rock!
    Grettings from Argentina

  • Guilherme Nakassima

    Dude, you really went through it? That’s harsh…

  • Sharon B.

    Simply put, The Best.