• Hibernia86

    It really is. Most Americans only speak English, so of course they’d want the English version.

  • Haha no worries mate. You weren’t the only one to have made the mistake.

  • GuiPloo

    Oops, my bad. People were talking about the english version, and then I thought this was a new chapter, so I barely looked at it to avoid spoiler. That’s my bad, I didn’t look into things and made this stupid mistake.

  • This is just chapter 2 translated into Spanish. You’ve already seen the English version.

  • He has. This is just Chapter 2 translated into Spanish.

    Don’t need to speak Spanish, just look at the artwork and compare. Some basic Spanish (the level that you’d have by default if you speak Portuguese, or if you’ve taken a small amount of Spanish as an English speaker) is enough to help confirm that they are indeed the same.

  • Victor Imyf

    You’re dumb fuck… I’m not from USA, I’m from Romania. The only languages I know are Romanian and English.

  • GuiPloo

    I’m not from the USA, and I don’t speak Spanish, only Portuguese and English. Even though Portuguese and Spanish are similar, you know they are not the same. And given the fact that he started this story in English, I would like to know if he will upload an English version.

  • Rodrigo Cabrera

    Cause english is the only language ‘muricans understand…

  • Cezar Gutierrez


  • Buena chamba :’)

  • mario lyions

    Excelente maestro, me has hecho correr una lagrima.

  • Victor Imyf

    Where’s the English version?