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  • Hibernia86

    Because sex is disrespectful? Do you have an actual point?

  • Nerdsamwich

    You’re gonna have to help me out, here. How is it disrespectful to take a look? A look, moreover, at what someone is clearly dressing to accentuate, and therefore is trying to get someone to appreciate? It wasn’t as if he were letting a conversation trail off, distracted by his staring at her. He wasn’t making any untoward remarks, or even gestures. He was just standing behind her and noticed her ass, which, as we established, she was dressing to show off. So, given all that, how is he being in any way disrespectful? Is it that he appreciated her aesthetically before getting to know her as a person? If so, how do you feel about art? Is it even possible for anyone to be respectful under that kind of stricture? Even blind people can find a voice sexy. What should the cartoon man have done, in your view, to be properly respectful?

  • UGH

    UGH, idiotic. men say this kind of shit all the time, not original. “durr evolution makes me want to fuck you therefore I don’t have to be respectful to you as a human being”

  • Jonniher


  • theraywong

    He he! Yes I was looking, too.

  • Saranikka Rose

    Not as good as “does this make me look fat”

  • Strider_SpartAn


  • Nukem Dukem
  • Zachary Rosario


  • sylvertech

    Note to self: try this soon.