Regret - Darth Vader

A man reflecting on his life, realizes he has wronged many people but still has only one regret.

My intentions were to make a ‘Father’s Day’ story, but I ended up writing a comic about the worst dad ever, ha!

I consider Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader’s story one of the most tragic one’s there is (yeah, even if the prequels sucked). A man who fell from the light to the deepest dark. The strong color contrast used in the comic reflects that feeling.

A long time ago in a galaxy you’ve never heard of.

Hipster Jedi
I made this comic a year ago. Of course, the idea of a Hipster Jedi was hated by the fanboys and I received a ton of hate mail threatening to kill me with their plastic lightsabers. It’s ok, if it comes to it, I know I’ll always shoot first.

Lucas being Lucas

Lucas sells out.
I’m a big Star Wars fan and I was actually kind of excited to hear that Disney bought LucasFilm. We might get to see a fresh, new SW adventure with an aged Luke. No Jar Jar. Probably the unedited version of the films on blu-ray.
I just hope they don’t screw up as much as Lucas did.

Here’s an idea:
Star Wars + Pixar Team… WIN.