The Seven Holy Sins

The Seven Holy Sins

This is my adaptation from a joke originally told by mexican comedian ‘Polo Polo’. The Seven Holy Sins are formed by some of my favorite artists that, sadly, have passed away.

Kurt Cobain on the drums, finally in the back, not on the spotlight; Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon on guitar; Sid Vicious on bass; Biggie Smalls on turntables and Freddie Mercury and Janis Joplin on vocals. Finally, Tupac managing them and feating from time to time, which would probably make them the EIGHT holy sins, but who’s counting. A band, literally, made in heaven.

Do You Realize?

Do You Realize? 1
Do You Realize? 2
Do You Realize? 3
Do You Realize? 4

“Do You Realize” is my favorite song by the Flaming Lips. The beauty and simplicity of its lyrics bring me to tears, I can’t help it. The song reminds me of how little we’re compared to the universe, just floating in a giant ball of dust, but it also points out how meaningful is everything we do and how beautiful we are. It’s about opposites living in peace: tears and happiness; life and death.

I made this comic mixing the lyrics of ‘Do you realize’ and the idea of Yoshimi from Flaming Lips‘ album “Yoshimi battles the pink robots”. Yoshimi uses her black belt in Karate to defeat the evil-natured robots and try to save the love of her life, who was kidnapped by the pinkest robot of them all. In the process, she realizes how important is every decision; every move and jump she makes. She feels how the world is spinning around her and realizes that no matter how good she is or how bad she tries, all the people she loves someday will die.