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  • Israel

    Que genial este gráfico… felicidades por tu obra…

  • Lujain.Khayyat

    hello, mr. Stanley I had an animation project that is a claymation of the song John Lennon- Imagine and some scenes from my work was inspired by your comic. the thing his my college considered it plagiarism and they are deducting a huge amount of points or might even fail me, so I need your help! please give me permission that I could pass the course. I am desperate in this situation, please help me. thank you in advance. have a good day.
    The link to my film:

  • Cristóbal Ortega

    Most song of the Beatles are really good dude…

  • please more bonerman hahaha

  • sakthi

    Just came across this site. Lol really cracks me up. Keep up the good work.


    Dear Pablo, thanks for the awesomes comics, we miss u so much in 9gag, pls dont let the page die, thanks for all

  • Maaz ali malik

    Dear pablo ,
    lol, nice comic bro , i am impressed , can u make a try on Dwayne the rock Johnson ?

  • Tony Daryn

    Just wanted to say that you made my day with the Freddie Mercury comic tribute. What a great talent both he and you.
    Is the comic available in hard copy?

    Bravo Pablo.

    Thank You
    Tony Daryn.

  • Matheus Bandeira

    Wow man! Great job with “Last Caress”. You should make one for “Hybrid Moments” or “Astro Zombies”.

  • Matheus Bandeira

    Hey dude, your work is awesome, why don’t you make an art for the Pearl Jam’s song, “Black”?… It would be great! Just an idea.

  • morris


    me podrias hacer un dibujo atraves de una foto de mi hija y yo???


  • Paula

    No se si lo sabes, pero sales últimamente en la pagina . Realmente, lo agradezco quien lo haya empezado, porque me encanta tu trabajo. ¡Sigue así!

  • don

    You’ve probably heard this by now, but: grammar nazi – no religion either. Your work is wonderful. by the way.