Expectations VS Realities of internships

I’m not saying all internships are bad but, unfortunately, a lot of them are just rip-offs. Specially on big ‘cool’ companies where there are plenty of eager aspirants waiting for the chance to take your position. You get on an unpaid internship thinking of the experience you would receive and how it would help you land a good job in the future. Instead you end up doing chores that have no learning value like picking up coffee and other stuff that the company would otherwise have to pay someone for.

Do you have any internship horror stories, or maybe a good experience you would like to talk about? Share on the comments!

  • Hibernia86

    The entire point is that the interns want to do important work that educates them but the internships don’t offer it to them. Don’t bash the interns for complaining if the internships are bad.

  • FlameWater

    This comic has entitlement written all over it. Look at me I’m a young entrepreneur trying to figure out why everyone dosn’t live up to my expectations, even though I don’t provide any real value to the company then being a buissness asset.

  • Korey

    This was my experience three years ago. I paid the price for a big school

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  • Iris

    Oh my, this is so real. Thank you