• bplofuakc

    Hurting people is easy. It’s also not that funny. Try again.

  • saufraupe

    Another reasons not to have sex. My ego is low enough.

  • looklook

    “Could we try this?” (with the vibrating dildo)

    Best answer: “Sigh.. Okay. But please be gentle.” 😉

  • hola

    doesn’t matter had sex

  • Doctor Mata Lozano

    “Maybe I should try with girls”

    “Wait, aren’t you a transvestite?”

  • Doctor Mata Lozano

    At least my boobs are bigger than yours

  • oreosbff

    But she cried the whole time!

  • Aadarsh Rathore


  • Artyunky

    been there done that

  • Juananz

    To destroy a woman’s ego:
    -Is it in?
    -I don’t know!

  • Julieth.

    jajajajaja, always so unique! great pic Stanley xD

  • Reff.K

    the appropriate answer would be “i dunno, i guess.”

  • Redouane M.

    Doesn’t matter, had sex