Atheism vs Theism vs Agnosticism vs Gnosticism. A simple guide to know what the hell you are.

Atheist VS Agnostic. A simple guide to know what the hell you are.

There is always confusion on knowing what belief position we have. Atheist? Agnostic? Theist? Gnostic? I found a guide online and I thought I could improve it by adding characters and make it a bit friendlier. Now you can know what the hell you are. That’s, of course, if you believe in hell… or know there is a hell… Or believe in hell, but don’t really know… Oh, God, I give up.

EDIT: For more in-depth analysis about this, you can check out this article by John S. Wilkins.

  • John Wilkins

    The question what counts as atheism and what counts as agnosticism has been around for centuries, yes. But the two axis distinction is new, I think, between existence claims and knowledge claims. I am of course influenced by Russell, Huxley and more recent writers like Oppy, but can you show me where this has been published before? I ask in good faith (sorry) because I am going to draft this up as a proper academic paper and I would like to avoid embarrassment.

  • Tom

    It’s a nice thought, and your material is quite good, but this breakdown has been discussed for at least the 20 years I’ve been academia. And it wasn’t new then.

  • Micah Knowles

    How do you even determine which person should have the beard?

  • Salil Bose

    Robert, I like your life story. You are ‘scientist by trade’; so I conclude you possess a scintific mind. It is great that after you became a Christian, you changed from a ‘terrible person’ to a ‘changed my life’ person. This part is fact. However, this fact does not prove ‘God is real’. It is a hypothesis you have drawn from the fact, and you need to investigate to prove or disprove your hypothesis. Similar transformation HAS occurred to a similar ‘terrible’ person by other means unrelated to ‘God’. Regarding Christianity, it so happened that you talked to a Christian friend. Similar transformation HAS occurred to similar persons who talked to non-Chritian friends as well. So, Christianity might not have a unique role in such transformations. By the way, I have no conflict either with God or with Christianity.

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  • Mason Kelsey

    So what are you if you are brain dead, an infant, a non-verbal animal, or a deaf mute?

  • Claudio Hernan Ortiz Martoq

    this is stupid. atheists need more philosophy education to understand what they’re talking about. this classification does not exist

  • Thomas Tvivlaren

    I think there’s a higher purpose to existence that man can never know. So, therefore I do not believe in any religion’s gods, but I still don’t think death is the ultimate end of me; something will survive. I’m aware that I could be wrong. But then what was it all for?

  • ksclarke

    Nice illustration, but I think the agnostics should be the bearded ones… with the gnostics the clean shaven ones. :-)

  • John Wilkins
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  • Robert Walker

    All I know is that before I was a Christian I was a terrible person, but because I finally gave Jesus a chance when nothing else was working I finally feel whole. After years of being a mean, unsocial person not contributing anything worth anything, I prayed for the first time, and I talked to a Christian friend. I know God is real because He changed my life when nothing else could. Just my two cents. P.S. – No I’m not some gullible simple minded person. I’m a scientist by trade, and at times there’s no explaining what has happened in my life since I became a Christian.

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  • squeezedmind

    you’re missing Ignosticism! Most of the people doesn’t even know the existence of something called Ignosticism xD

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  • Lê Hoàng Kwan

    Haha, I believe there was a person, lived, talked, passed away and then, people started calling him god’s son and wrote books about his speech.

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  • Batman

    you might be atheist, religious or whatever but you know who i am? i’m Batman

  • Fernando

    Are you telling that Gnostic people have closed eyes(mind)?

  • theraywong

    For christ’s sake! I’m a Taoist/Zen type, by the way.

  • Pablo Stanley

    Oh, God!

  • Afro Monkey

    great guide!

  • asdfasdf

    what the hell