Atheism vs Theism vs Agnosticism vs Gnosticism. A simple guide to know what the hell you are.

Atheist VS Agnostic. A simple guide to know what the hell you are.

There is always confusion on knowing what belief position we have. Atheist? Agnostic? Theist? Gnostic? I found a guide online and I thought I could improve it by adding characters and make it a bit friendlier. Now you can know what the hell you are. That’s, of course, if you believe in hell… or know there is a hell… Or believe in hell, but don’t really know… Oh, God, I give up.

EDIT: For more in-depth analysis about this, you can check out this article by John S. Wilkins.

  • Nerdsamwich

    It’s not for anything. We exist because we don’t NOT exist. If you want your life to have meaning, then the only one who can make it that way is you. Your life means exactly what your choices make it mean. What story will your descendants tell of your deeds?

  • Nerdsamwich

    Except for the deafness bit, you’d be intellectually incapable of having beliefs. Deaf folk can hold any belief they find themselves capable of holding.

  • Chankey Pathak

    I don’t like this version because it reinforces a common misconception. Gnosticism and agnosticism address knowledge not certainty. An agnostic isn’t someone that claims to be “possibly mistaken” about the proposition. Rather an agnostic is someone that claims that the proposition cannot in any conceivable way be known or falsified. An gnostic on the other hand is someone that claims the proposition can be falsified. There’s a huge difference.

    I find this article better. But then again who gives his time reading an article? You have a great audience, you should correct your pic and reshare it, so that it can spread the correct message to mass.

  • Ember

    Seems more of a demand of clarification, not a stance on belief.

  • Nerdsamwich

    By all means, please elaborate. Are you saying that atheism does not exist? That those who claim not to believe are simply lying? Or are you saying that the differences in classification pointed out above lack nuance, that such things do not fit neatly into categories? That would be far more interesting.

  • Nerdsamwich

    When I was a Christian, I was kind of an insufferable little punk. I was forgiven every Sunday, and the Almighty had a special, perfect plan just for me. Since it was so perfect, and Him so all-knowing, that must mean I couldn’t help but do the right thing, right? Or, if I did occasionally do wrong, I had to, as part of the Plan, see? And anyway, come Sunday, all is forgiven, right? I slowly came to realize that the universe doesn’t give a flying monkey turd for me. That there was no one in the sky making sure my existence was meaningful. That my life means exactly what my actions make it mean. Actually sitting down and reading the Bible sealed the deal. That book is a terrible indictment of the worst darkness that inhabits our collective soul. I will be forever ashamed that I was ever able to look into that abyss and call it holy.

  • Alfred

    You should really update your profile picture Mr. Wayne… I mean, Batman.

  • John Wilkins

    The question what counts as atheism and what counts as agnosticism has been around for centuries, yes. But the two axis distinction is new, I think, between existence claims and knowledge claims. I am of course influenced by Russell, Huxley and more recent writers like Oppy, but can you show me where this has been published before? I ask in good faith (sorry) because I am going to draft this up as a proper academic paper and I would like to avoid embarrassment.

  • Tom

    It’s a nice thought, and your material is quite good, but this breakdown has been discussed for at least the 20 years I’ve been academia. And it wasn’t new then.

  • Micah Knowles

    How do you even determine which person should have the beard?

  • Salil Bose

    Robert, I like your life story. You are ‘scientist by trade’; so I conclude you possess a scintific mind. It is great that after you became a Christian, you changed from a ‘terrible person’ to a ‘changed my life’ person. This part is fact. However, this fact does not prove ‘God is real’. It is a hypothesis you have drawn from the fact, and you need to investigate to prove or disprove your hypothesis. Similar transformation HAS occurred to a similar ‘terrible’ person by other means unrelated to ‘God’. Regarding Christianity, it so happened that you talked to a Christian friend. Similar transformation HAS occurred to similar persons who talked to non-Chritian friends as well. So, Christianity might not have a unique role in such transformations. By the way, I have no conflict either with God or with Christianity.

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  • Mason Kelsey

    So what are you if you are brain dead, an infant, a non-verbal animal, or a deaf mute?

  • Claudio Hernan Ortiz Martoq

    this is stupid. atheists need more philosophy education to understand what they’re talking about. this classification does not exist

  • Thomas Tvivlaren

    I think there’s a higher purpose to existence that man can never know. So, therefore I do not believe in any religion’s gods, but I still don’t think death is the ultimate end of me; something will survive. I’m aware that I could be wrong. But then what was it all for?

  • ksclarke

    Nice illustration, but I think the agnostics should be the bearded ones… with the gnostics the clean shaven ones. :-)

  • John Wilkins
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  • Robert Walker

    All I know is that before I was a Christian I was a terrible person, but because I finally gave Jesus a chance when nothing else was working I finally feel whole. After years of being a mean, unsocial person not contributing anything worth anything, I prayed for the first time, and I talked to a Christian friend. I know God is real because He changed my life when nothing else could. Just my two cents. P.S. – No I’m not some gullible simple minded person. I’m a scientist by trade, and at times there’s no explaining what has happened in my life since I became a Christian.

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  • squeezedmind

    you’re missing Ignosticism! Most of the people doesn’t even know the existence of something called Ignosticism xD

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  • Lê Hoàng Kwan

    Haha, I believe there was a person, lived, talked, passed away and then, people started calling him god’s son and wrote books about his speech.

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  • Batman

    you might be atheist, religious or whatever but you know who i am? i’m Batman

  • Fernando

    Are you telling that Gnostic people have closed eyes(mind)?

  • theraywong

    For christ’s sake! I’m a Taoist/Zen type, by the way.

  • Pablo Stanley

    Oh, God!

  • Afro Monkey

    great guide!

  • asdfasdf

    what the hell