A Cruelty Free World

A Cruelty Free World

Back when I was 16, and I called my self a ‘punk-rocker’, I took the decision to become a vegetarian. I’ve been a veggies mass murderer ever since.

EDIT: Just to be clear. Please don’t think I’m one of those annoying vegetarians that start preaching people about how meat is bad for them, the world and shit like that. I hate those people. I used to love eating meat-quesadillas before. The decision I took when I was young was a very personal one. I really don’t give a fuck what anyone else stuffs their face with.

  • Panos Dimopoulos

    save rocks , go kill your self for breathing

  • Owl. Grande. City.

    Poor rocks

  • Gaby!

    GENIO!!!!!!!!!!! Cada dia me caes mejor!

  • Hue-man

    Save vegetables, eat rocks