Regret - Darth Vader

A man reflecting on his life, realizes he has wronged many people but still has only one regret.

My intentions were to make a ‘Father’s Day’ story, but I ended up writing a comic about the worst dad ever, ha!

I consider Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader’s story one of the most tragic one’s there is (yeah, even if the prequels sucked). A man who fell from the light to the deepest dark. The strong color contrast used in the comic reflects that feeling.

  • Josh

    Great comic, the feels kill me. But, I liked the prequels :(. Anyway it would be cool if there was something about Ahsoka in there, but still this thing rocks.

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  • Facu Giménez

    Grande Pablo! Te hago el aguante acà desde Argentina.

    Felicitaciones !

  • deacarvalho


  • Bea Kesch

    great disclaimer at the end!! 😛 but seriously, your comics are getting better and better every time, you are slowly reaching watterson level!! 😮

  • Mashiba

    lol man the “please don’t sue me” make me laugh

  • pablostanley

    Ecuador es amor!
    Un abrazo, hermano 😀

  • Luis Gabriel Ncdv

    Eres de Mexico!! woow yo soy de Ecuador se que no tiene mucha importancia pero quería decirlo! Grande Pablo!

  • Galliard Magagliani

    Now we know who should write the scripts for Episodes VII, VIII and IX.

  • Petruza

    LOL I thought it was a Tamagochi.

  • David Digger


  • Pablopcb

    i guess he really loved his tamagotchi

  • Jesús Alejandro Ruiz

    Fuck, vellos erizados

  • Rémi Savard

    Same here! 😉

  • Pablo Stanley

    Yeah, he’s kind of a dick.

  • Pablo Stanley

    Tal vez porque yo hablo español también? Soy Mexicano.
    Un abrazo hasta Chile!

  • Jorge

    this is so strange. we are a continent apart, but I feel ur spanish feels in ur english writing.

    keep up the good work!

    greetings from Chile.

  • Manuel Lunari

    y think exactly the same in first time

  • Ines

    That’s the ONLY thing he regrets?! D: D: D:

  • Alejandro Arias

    Simplemente excelente!!

  • Bobey

    I thought it was a tamagochi
    “Don’t sue me” LOL

  • Pablo Stanley

    Hahaha, it could be!

  • David Silva

    I thought that thing in his hand was a Tamagoshi and Vader’s only regret was that he failed to keep it alive LOL

  • Faris Rashفارس يدي

    He made it for her “so she could remember him.”

  • Pablo Stanley

    Yup, exactly.
    The creepy thing here is that Padmé had it in her hand at her funeral… So, probably Darth Vader took it from her grave/sarcophagus :O

  • Ben-David Villarreal

    That was a necklace he made for Padmé. He give it to her in The Phantom Menace, though I forget the complete story behind it.

  • Ben-David Villarreal

    Feels overload….

  • luis_erasmo

    What’s in his hand? I don’t get it
    :Where are you captain?:

  • Lars Øihusom

    May the feels be with you

  • Carolina Schäfer Adriazola

    Made me teary :’c

  • Suresh Kumar

    He brought balance to the force.

  • Marek Lewandowski

    i feel too much.

  • Emilio Gonzalez

    And then.. cry

  • Ricardo Jaurequi

    dude the feeeeeeels

  • aae

    Fuck yeah.

  • Ernesto Rueda Mejía


  • Isael Bolaños

    eso es super genial