• Hibernia86

    He didn’t ignore her, he was waiting (in vain) for her to finish.

  • Hibernia86

    What does that say about the girl when the guy decides to play Xbox rather than talk with her? She’s already shown herself to be a bad date at the restaurant so why would he want to spend more time with her when they got home?

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  • Rukami

    Your response would have been reasonable(ish) had they announced it randomly, however it was extremely assholish because stating that they don’t have a smartphone is actually relevant to the topic. You’re basically nitpicking because they are participating in the conversation.

  • derpentine

    If you don’t have a smartphone and don’t tell anybody about it good on you. I’m talking about the people without smartphones who might as well start Crossfit because they can’t shut the fuck up about it

  • lollerwaffle

    I feel for the guy tbh

  • Skye Hsu

    You are partially right on this. It all depends on the master recording. How the tracks are mastered. Granted, tracks are all recorded either on tape or digitally, and then mastered on several mediums. So yea, no one said one is better than the other. However, I’d say that digitals are easier and more consistent to reproduced, whereas vinyls have more of a “sophiscated” way to ensure a good sound reproduction, like needles, cleanliness of the stylus, balancing of the stylus pressure, cleanliness of the vinyl (not to mention overplayed vinyl also can have quality loss) etc. I have a vestax vinyl cutter myself, mainly to cut my own battle tracks for battle use, but quality wise…. meh. It’s because its a copy! :D~

  • niki

    people seems to forget that smartphone is just a *tool*, like anything else: it can be used for either negative, OR positive things.
    so whether ‘bad’ or ‘good’, it all really depends on the *human/person* using it!
    I seriously can’t believe of how ‘spoiled’ actually many of the comments here REJECTING actually a very helpful thing called: TECHNOLOGY!

  • KHX

    ironically, I got sent here by facebook cuz someone shared this…

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  • Susan Wheeler-Deichsel

    I like that the restaurnant is called Billy the Pig. There is nothing else to like about this “too real” and too self-absorbed story.

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  • Svengalis

    if you are boring her of course she is going to get on her phone. moral of the story: stop being boring!

  • mind ripper666

    I know someone who tries to. They say they’re “being ironic”.

  • Leif Mejico

    talk about hitting every nail. this really sums up what “social media” is today.

  • Anthony De Lamarter

    Actually you are and idiot. Not once did I ever say that vinyl sounded bad just that the vinly from its original inception to today is completely different and is really only 30-50% analog because being remastered from digital to analog loses quality.

  • Bret

    That guy was kinda rude too, the girl though she was busy with her phone still spoke/talked to him but he completely ignored her. He obviously think he wasn’t a tech junkie when he was one as well..both are at fault..less is more.

  • Svetlana Kropog

    10 years ago we never had to deal with this….

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  • Drew Dodge

    you are an idiot, Vinyl sounds far better. Your knowledge of the music industry is lacking tremendously… go back to listening to your ‘phat beatz’.

  • Phil Smith

    Love it. Try http://www.thecriticalcouple.co.UK for more anti foodie rants

  • Jon Davis

    In other words, someone born before you were…got it.

  • Jon Davis

    Quickly, get on FB and bitch about this to take the edge off! (And remember the meme, you look terrible in prison orange!)

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  • Theresa Markham

    I guess, but the loss is less, and it’s getting better. and I will also concede that annoying people buy vinyl, but it’s not transferable, people who buy vinyl don’t necessarily have to be annoying.

  • Anthony De Lamarter

    True, but most vinlys now a days are digital remastered into analog. Even remastered you lose sound. Not to mention almost all music IS digital because the songs can be made into small files so you can compress.

  • Theresa Markham

    for the record, not all audio is recorded in digital. plenty of musicians purposely record to master tapes with the intention of releasing vinyl. people who understand what it is that makes vinyl special do understand what to look for.

  • Chris Coakley

    how not to get a second date

  • Adam Gruber

    Rule #1: We do not talk about /b/
    Rule #2: We DO NOT TALK ABOUT /B/ !!

  • Jonathan Clapham

    That comic was funny. I need to comment on it.

  • Clifford Forester

    I buy music on vinyl because I like the large cover art. Not pointless.

  • allthesmallthings

    um… pretty sure not owning a TV has nothing to do with being on a high horse… maybe some people honestly just DONT WATCH TV. And I don’t own a smartphone either… but I don’t rag on people who do. I just don’t feel the need for it since I have a computer, and I never feel the incessant need to look something up or talk to others when I’m out with my own friends… If you do, that’s your prerogative. But why the attacking remark? Your own sense of shame? I’m not quite sure, but it was pretty ignorant on your part.

  • Tony Mancini

    I wasn’t born in the 90’s, and I am annoyed by hipsters as much as the rest of you, but collecting vinyl does not make you a hipster. A lot of people in the world grew up where record players were the standard music player in homes, and we find a comfort in the surface noise and slight imperfections of vinyl that no other audio format can provide. Being different doesn’t make you a hipster; flaunting you are different for no reason does.

  • Jess

    THIS is why the generations that are furthering development will have NO idea how to socially communicate, let alone be familiar with the art of personal, face-to-face dialogue. What a shame.

  • Mag

    Question: How many hipsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb

    Answer: The number is pretty obscure, you’ve probably never heard of it

  • Mag

    Don’t be such a hipster.. haha

  • derpentine

    Fuck you and your high horse

  • derpentine

    Not having a smartphone is the newest asshole douchebag version of “I don’t even OWN a TV” high horse bullshit. Fuck you

  • derpentine

    Nobody gives a shit about your feeble attempt to defend hipsters through artificially narrow definition tricks

  • *.,.*

    A hipster is whoever the complainer doesn’t like. Much like “Yuppie”, it is an exclusively other label. No one ever self-labels as a hipster.

  • Michael Jason Stokes

    I’ll let Merriam Webster do it, as you can see we are all guilty. Like now, where I keep coming back to this post instead of spending time with my loved ones. Enjoy your days dude. It’s a simple point, not an argument or admonishment.

    rude adjective ˈrüd
    : not having or showing concern or respect for the rights and feelings of other people : not polite

    – this means at home, in public, virtually, physically, verbally or through implication.

  • Ringo Juna

    Who gets to determine what’s rude?

  • David Zuber

    If you read it backwards it’s about a guy who gradually starts to accept social media.

  • Anthony De Lamarter

    I hipster is basically anyone that is born years before something and then decides that it was part of their life ie kids with records and Kids born in the 90’s with stupid nes and snes shirts. And for the record boys and girls, anything produced after digital became standard it is not only stupid to buy on vinly but pointless.

  • Michael Jason Stokes

    I haven’t missed the point whatsoever. Some people delve into technology and social media in public on smartphones ignoring friends and scenery around them. Some people delve into forums and video games at home at ignore family or friends that may want to spend time with them (at home or by going out) The point is tech is part of our daily lives now, and walking that line between interaction with friends in a virtual environment vs interaction with friends in the real world can be tough to walk sometimes. It’s just too easy to say that everyone else is wrong and rude and everything we do is OK. The world is changing. I can’t speak to my friends from Morocco or Japan or Ecuador everyday because I cant go hang out with them all the time. But I can share my life with them online and see theirs also. As long as you balance that well with other activities it’s not as rude as much as embracing all the facets of our modern world.

  • Ringo Juna

    I see you’ve missed the point. I’m on my home computer right now. When I use Facebook or Twitter, it’s on my home computer. When I play Candy Crush, it’s on my home computer. When I go out, I don’t do any of those things.

    The main thrust of the story is the inability by some to disconnect.

  • Ringo Juna

    I’m with you on this. I’ve had “friends” who did this kind of shit all the damn time, so i’d go out of my way to point out how big of a dick they were being. I don’t own a smartphone, don’t have the need for one. If I go out, I usually turn my phone off, and that’s only if I bothered to bring it with me.

  • MrWednesday

    and what is a hipster exactly, give us a solid relevant cultural definition which is widely agreed upon (and by widely agreed upon I mean has a standard societal interpretation not decided by three of your friends) that fits into this so perfectly as to necessitate a social axiom

  • Funwithguns11

    This is my relationship 100%.

  • jutmart

    4 hipsters do not approve of rule number 1…

  • Tank Rothchild

    Ahhh…the tools of the narcissistic human beings who are desperately trying to believe they are a unique snowflake in the avalanche that is 7 billion people.

  • Michael Jason Stokes

    and……every comment on this post is from someone who uses social media. Right, interesting. It’s not terrible because it exists, every thing in the world will have someone who does it excessively.

  • Amy Pulver

    There are some people on my Facebook like this!!! At time…Guilty!

  • Taris Jimmy

    ^ This post has nothing to do with being a hipster….what crack are ya smokin?

  • cody

    Games are to men what phones are to women.
    Remember this ladies the next time to shut off your man’s Xbox.

  • Mitchell Clavey

    Rule #1: We do not talk about Fight Club.

  • Taylor Cabanero

    i know this. she sucks.

  • Kenny Newlon

    See above.

  • Thure Fransen

    …and rule #2.

  • Charlie

    Don’t worry, Jay. All these kids will try to stay off your lawn, so you can sweep your porch and watch the birds in peace…

  • Jane W Chin

    let me share with my fb friends…… 😛

  • Nurmahfuzah Amin


  • Jay Karia

    Rule number 1:- Screw Smart phones, you look like an idiot with them.

  • Jay Karia

    The stupidity of social media on phones. All friends sitting together for a good time and all looking into their smartphones and no-one talking, the only guy left is the one without a smart phone who wonders what is the purpose of meeting in the first place? When everyone has their heads and attention immersed in their idiot phones. He is disgusted and annoyed on the stupidity of it all. This is our current situation in our society whether you agree or not.

  • Pinkydonnae

    funny but true

  • Janice Lawrence-Clarke

    21st Century Relationship-Building Course of Do’s for NO Success.

  • Saurav Sharma

    That is the 90% of my Facebook feed!
    People think that they’re doing something really UNIQUE!

  • Roman Frontini

    No. Rule number one is “You do not talk about FIGHT CLUB”

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  • Peter Bodnar

    No, rule number one is “Don’t get caught”

  • hambanya

    if i were her bf i ll step my feet on the phone!

  • Jose Geraldo Aponte

    jajajajaja!!! so fuckin’ true!!!

  • BK

    Totally agree on enjoying the time with friends!

  • Instacurity

    This is “instacurity” (an excessive concern with one’s social media presence, influence, and/or likeability. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_o6DgO8oNQ

  • Shuvo Zaman

    Brilliant Stuff Mann

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  • Jajaja, creo que todos nos hemos comportado como ella alguna vez 😀

  • Tess

    o sea!!! la calcaste a una de mis amigas o que? jajaja igualita!!!!!

  • aamirafridi

    Thats a good rule, let me tweet it 😀

  • yeah family can be at the top of the list 🙁

  • Bill Hicks

    You have an interesting definition of hipster. That’s all pretty mainstream stuff.

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  • faifai

    family too.

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  • Silvia Arce

    Not only hipster, people like that are in every social tribe. It´s disgusting and very rude. That´s why, sadly, this comic is funny because it´s true.

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  • Pablo Stanley

    Thank you, I’m glad it made you LOL 😉
    I really appreciate it.

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  • screw dates who do this, I get annoyed at my friends when they do that when we are suppose to have ‘us time’…

  • theraywong

    Taking the time to say that it made me chuckle, or lol as they say in modern day parlance…not for me! Most excellent observational artwork.

  • captcrunch88

    I feel you bro…. I feel you. :'(

  • Emanuel Avila

    True brother!!!!!

  • hi_fiq

    true story, man. True story.

  • Rhazes Avicenna

    rule number 1: never date a hipster

  • Fool Critic

    Every waiter’s pet peeve.