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Mister Rabbit - Sheer Lavish Comics
Sometimes, things happen in the contrary order of how you appreciate them. We are used to seeing stuff appear one after the other, in a linear way. But we shouldn’t arrive to conclusions too soon. We must mistrust our perception and constantly question the order of events.

I’ve introduced ‘Mister Rabbit’ in this comic. An imaginary character that regularly has something wise to contribute to his tumbling, disoriented friends. I plan to use it as a literal image of conscience and self-criticism in my new series called “Sheer Lavish Comics”. A new line of twisted, not-always-funny, comics.

  • Love this!!!

  • Yeyo

    genial, felicidades por tu trabajo!

  • biguphosting

    This is Pablo talking to Pablo.
    But I think some of us had that conversation with our imaginary self…. dressed as a bunny too.

  • acabo de romper con mi novia, apenas hoy, hace un instante, y este es el tipo de cosas que no quer√≠a leer… pero, maldita sea, que sabe un conejo…

  • Genial pablo ūüėÄ

  • Daicys Saldivia

    Me encanta lo diferente que es a los otros comics y sin embargo se nota que es parte del mismo artista. Felicidades por el buen trabajo, espero contin√ļe esta l√≠nea.

  • Wow. I had myself an epiphany here.

  • Wow… It kinda reminds me of those love songs people hear and think: “it really sounds like it was made for me!”
    Anyhow.. Keep up the good work and happy holidays!

  • ¬°Buen√≠simo! Sigo tu trabajo desde hace ya un tiempito y la calidad de tus personajes y tramas va aumentando. Mucho √©xito ^^

  • Simplemente excelente!

  • Brenda

    Me parece fant√°stico tu trabajo, creo que este tipo de c√≥mics puede llegar a un p√ļblico m√°s amplio. De cualquier manera, tus comics graciosos son muy simp√°ticos. Felicidades!