• Lynda Ellis

    However, now one month has passed by, and although I paid in full, and my money has been taken from my account – $107 – I STILL have not received the poster. This is so very sad. Whats happened to my poster?

  • Lynda Ellis

    I came across this poster on the internet – loved it immediately. It was quite expensive, to have it shipped to the UK plus framing costs. So I carried on looking around. But NO! Nothing but NOTHING equalled the joy of this poster. So, yesterday I hit the ‘BUT IT NOW’ button! Cant wait to have it in my home. It makes me smile and feel happy!

  • Shino

    Wow, this is amazing! Like, I read Understanding Comics by ScottMcCloud, and he suggested that instead of current trend in comics to have super-complex writing and superrealistic art, comics might fit better together when both words, and art together will be at similar levels of abstraction (so, simple words with stylized art etc.)
    And this is an amazing example of this principle, with words and lettering amazingly complimenting the art! Truly great piece (I found it through a tumblr post – http://lilyinadream.tumblr.com/post/62320844364 – where it currently has over 60 thousands likes and reshares, btw).

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  • Peri

    Hey Stanley. I make this video using this image for a class.

    I wrote to you in Facebook asking by a permission.

    Can you tell me what you think about it?

  • Fábio Mexicano Godoy

    Full of references to things that didn’t exist at the time this music was created.

  • Duraznov

    Felicitaciones Pablo. Excelente trabajo, saludos desde Chile.

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  • Faust

    You rock, bro!

  • Awesome!!!

  • Leglessflight

    My wake up song.

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  • This is amazing!!!

  • If this were available in a physical print, I would buy it so hard.

  • Mercury*May

    Wow, this artwork has me absolutely speechless!! I LOVE IT!!! You, my friend, are super talented! You’ve truly caught not only the facial expressions and movements, but Freddie’s spirit! I’m really impressed! Keep up the fabulous work!! <3

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  • Luis Aguilar

    Congratulations Stanley. It’s a very creative tribute.