• Manuel Lunari

    how much?

  • Pablo Stanley

    Oh, I’m pretty twisted, darling.

  • julian_medina

    Nice job.
    Sick, Twisted, NSFW, but well done.

    I love your comics and how YOU can handle different emotions.

  • Raul Noriega

    Is just a drawing about a Misfits song… They’re the twisted-minded ones, not Pablo (as far as i know)

  • Raulsdg

    its actually a song.

  • Mr. Nobody

    Ohhh,cmon,dont be a little bitch…

  • Cool 🙂

  • Claudia

    This is disgusting, I can’t take it. I was not expecting this kind of content. This is actually making me unsubscribe. How can anybody think this way? It’s too sick, at least inside my mind.

  • Pablo you sick basterd! but duuude this is awesome! great job!

  • Awesome, make something like this with Hybrid Moments

  • Haha, I think this is the giddiest performance of this song I’ve ever seen. Perhaps this is what the final incarnation of The Doctor will look like, as he’s lost his mind and starts killing everyone in space and time.

  • Juancho Talarga

    I read it in Metallica’s version.

  • qrl

    Woot? Dafuq is this about?